Sonic 2 Hacking Guide
Binary - Object Specifics

This will give you some of the information that's specific to certain objects only. There's a ton of things that belong here.

01 - Sonic
- 16-bit address pointers for each animation frame set

01B65C - (1) Walking/running
01B666 - (2) Running (seems to be unused)
01B670 - (3) Roll
01B67A - (4) Roll (seems to be unused)
01B684 - (5) Push (seems to be unused)
01B68E - (6) Standing still
01B744 - (7) ???
01B74A - (8) Look up
01B74F - (9) Look down

FExx - This will tell it to jump back xx bytes (repeat animation)
FF - Will start and end an animation

Here is the entire dump of all the animation frames, starting from 01 and going from left to right, top to bottom.