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Sprites and objects reference:

*Submitted by Weird Person on May 21 2005.*
*Updated on May 26 2005.*
*Table and advices by Sonic Hachelle-Bee*

Here, you have a table of some of the sprites that you can use in the game. Each sprite have it's own ID, defined by the sprites table located at $1600C. This sprites table is a huge offset index that, for each ID (4 bytes for an ID), define the address where the program of the sprite is.

Object descriptionAdvicesObject IDObject subparameter first numberObject subparameter second number
MiscellaneousMonitorDisable object respawn260 Blank monitor0
Sonic extra life monitor1
Tails extra life monitor2
Robotnik monitor3
Super ring monitor4
Super sneakers monitor5
Shield monitor6
Invincibility monitor7
Teleport monitor (switch Sonic and Tails position)8
Random monitor (only in 2 players game)9
Broken monitorA
SpikesNo36One to four set of spikes0 to 3Static spikes0
Spikes moving up and down1
Normal springUse side 2 and strait springs (nicer)41Up spring0
Spring side 1Red springStrait spring0
Spin spring1
Yellow springStrait spring2
Spin spring3
Spring side 2Red springStrait spring4
Spin spring5
Yellow springStrait spring6
Spin spring7
Spring side 3Red springStrait spring8
Spin spring9
Yellow springStrait springA
Spin springB
Spring side 4Red springStrait springC
Spin springD
Yellow springStrait springE
Spin springF
Spring various parameters table
Right spring1
Down spring2
Diagonal up right spring3
Diagonal down right spring4
StarpostDisable object respawn790The order they come while playing1 to 9
Animal containerPlace it exactly on the middle of the screen (nicer)3E00
End level signDon't place it exactly on the middle of the screen (nicer)0D00
Emerald Hill zonePirahnaDisable object respawn5C00
Wood bridgeNo1108 blocks bridge8
10 blocks bridgeA
12 blocks bridgeC
14 blocks bridgeE
116 blocks bridge0
CoconutDisable object respawn9D1E
WaspDisable object respawn4B00
EHZ floating platformNo180Static0
Moving left and right1
Moving up and down2
Chemical Plant zoneSpiderDisable object respawnA736
Spiny on floorDisable object respawnA532
Spiny on wallDisable object respawnA632
CPZ floating platformNo190Moving left and right1
Moving up and down slowly2
Moving up and down quickly6
Blue wormNo1D15
Weak spring covering pipesNo7B02
Wheel springNo1B00
One way barrierNo2D00
Wheel platform moving left and rightNo7A00
CPZ breakable corkNo3200
Rotating yellow blocksNo6B18
Aquatic Ruin zoneHidden grounderDisable object respawn8D02
GrounderDisable object respawn8E02
Chop chop fishDisable object respawn9108
Rotating platformsNo8310
Small bubblesNo2480
Falling pillarDisable object respawn2300
ARZ floating platformNo18Moving up and down01
Moving left and right9A
Rising pillarLeave object respawn enabled2B00
Arrow launcherNo2200
ARZ collapsing platformLeave object respawn enabled1F00
Casino Night zoneStar bumperNo4400
Pinball flipperNo860Green weak flipper0
Orange strong flipper1
Conveyor beltTransparent sprite that makes the character to move from left to right automatically7209
Slot machineNoD60100 points0
Blue blockNoD40Moving left and right0
Moving up and down2
Green snake platformNoD201
Charge springNo85Up spring00
Diagonal up right spring81
Blue bumperNoD70Static0
Moving left to right1
Hill Top zoneHTZ breakable stoneNo3200
Mystic Cave zoneMCZ collapsing platformLeave object respawn enabled1F00
CrawltonDisable object respawn7600
MCZ vine moving 160 pixels upNo8010
Vine opening vertical bridgeNo7F00
Vine opening horizontal bridgeNo7702
FlasherDisable object respawnA32C
MCZ floating platform moving left and rightNo7A00
Spiky moving stairsNo7600
Three wooden rotating blocksNo6A18
Oil Ocean zoneOctopusDisable object respawn4A00
Green platform over fireNo3300
Fan pulling the characterNo3FPull to left00
Pull to up8
SeahorseDisable object respawn5000
CannonNo480Pointing to up that trows to right0
Pointing to right that trows to down1
Pointing to down that trows to left2
Pointing to left that trows to up3
Spiky ring moving left and rightNo4300
Metropolis zoneSpear blockNo680First spear to right0
First spear to down1
First spear to left2
First spear to up3
NutDisable object respawn6900
SlicerDisable object respawnA100
Exploding starDisable object respawnA42E
Wall of diagonal yellow springsNo6601
Block of lavaInvisible block310Small block1
Huge block2
Conveyor beltTransparent sprite that makes the character to move from left to right automatically7209
MZ floating platformNo6B0Moving left and right2
Moving up and down4
Fall when you stand on it5
Fall automatically7
Rotating gearNo7000
Steam springNo4201
Sky Chase zoneMechanic eagleDisable object respawnAC40
NebulaDisable object respawn9912
TurtloidsDisable object respawn9A16
Wing Fortress zoneHuge laser beamNoB976
WFZ pull up hang chainNo801160 pixels up0
96 pixels up1
Breakable panelsNoC102
ChickenDisable object respawnAE44
Ball cannonNoB874
Rising platformsNoBD7E
Rotating floating platformNoB604
Propellor that makes the character floatNoB566
Solid diagonal conveyor beltNo7290
Starting block trowing the characterNoC010
Appearing and disappearing platformNoBE90
Vertical propellorNoB464
Death Egg zoneRunning RobotnikNoC6A6

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