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GEMS drx (Sep 24 2007, 02:34 PM)
I released the GEMS development kit here. Have fun!

In other news, Nineko has released his xm2smps utility. Grab it in the utilities section.

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Hack Archive Update JcFerggy (May 27 2007, 03:37 PM)
Drx has asked me to help update the hack archive, so expect some changes soon. It might take me a bit since I'm also studying for my exams, so give me a few weeks.

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S2 Nick Arcade disassembly drx (Dec 03 2006, 01:15 AM)
A while ago I traced down, bought and dumped a pretty early Sonic 2 prototype that was on the Nick Arcade show (more details for the slow).

Well, I've made a disassembly of it already, because I just couldn't wait to rip it apart. Enjoy.

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Nemesis is back! drx (Nov 30 2006, 08:59 AM)
Undoubtly the biggest hacking ninja to ever touch a Megadrive, Nemesis, is alive, and kicking.

He made a small prog to search for all Kosinski compressed data within a ROM, check it out in the utilities section.

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Sonic in Chaotix: by JJFTails (Update: R2) JJFTails (Oct 27 2006, 01:48 PM)

Because I have ported Chaoxed to C++ and because of some of Koji's awesome art, I was able to port Sonic to Chaotix.

Everything was pretty much perfectly ported except for the combi catcher sprite. I still cannot find it's palette. I have not ported the sprites for the special stages either, simply because there aren't any out there.

I give all art credit to KojiChao and the sprites in Crackers. SGR was also a very big help for beta-testing. Expect a new release with Special Stage sprites and other art fixes in the near future.

Pick up the hack in the 'Hacks' section under 'Knuckles Chaotix' hacks.

*** Update: Revision 2 has been released! ***

- Special Stage Art (from Sonic CD and SGR)
- Overall New and Better Shaded Sprites (by KojiChao)
- Combi Catcher sprite now uses the right Palette
- Fixed up transparent pixels on Sonic on Title Screen
- Title Card art now contains "Sonic" instead of "Mighty"
- Fixed shifted lines of art for "Mega Monitor"

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ASM Lessons? drx (Sep 20 2006, 01:42 PM)
If you're against selling knowledge - don't read this.

Well I decided to do some ASM lessons, since it would be nice to pay the bills for the server stuff etc.

My offer - $50 for 4 lessons (each lasts 1 hours, though if it'll take longer, I won't tell you to fuck off). There are several people who already agreed, so that's why I'm asking.

Some details - you pay ONLY after the 4 lessons will be completed. So yea, it's pretty safe. Not like I'm gonna run away with the money or something.

I'll be doing the lessons on Sunday (preferably evenings GMT - around midday for you Americans). Though I could try to fit something into Saturdays (but I don't promise anything).

So yea, if you're interested, drop me an email at or post a comment here with your email and we'll fix something for you.

PS. Theoritically, I could do free lessons, but there are several cons - no motivation (I'm sorry, but money is a good motivator), lack of invididual care (I'd have to make grouped lessons) and stuff like that. I wish I could teach people in person - I really care about the people I teach.

So while it might look like I'm money thirsty, there is just no possibility.

For all you lacking funds, I plan to revise my ASM guides somewhere in the future, and add some new stuff, so don't fret.

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Feel 1.0 drx (Sep 12 2006, 10:42 AM)

Feel 1.0 released. Lets you edit levels in Ristar and view other neat stuff. Grab it from the utilities section.

While hacking Ristar, I had to crack a compression format used to compress nearly everything in the game, so I cracked it and called the format the 'Star' compression. The decompressor I wrote is in the utilities section.

I also upgraded the hacks section code a while ago, fixed the score overflow bug and added some other stuff.

Next time, when you find a loophole, please report it to me instead of ruining as much as you can :P

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A working Chaotix Art Editor. drx (Jul 27 2006, 05:53 PM)
At last.

JJFTails done what I should have ages ago and big kudos to him for that. Check out his Chaotix Art Editor in the utils section.

I would also like to use this newspost to remind some people that ROM hacking is about having fun and learning new things, not being envious, nor aggressive about your/others work. It's a hobby, and it doesn't matter how much ASM can a person hack or how awesome his graphics are, it's the work, progress, and most importantly, fun, that matters.

To cut a long story short: hacking is supposed to be fun, not a subject of stupid flamewars etc. I hope you agree with me on that matter.

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Russians invade CulT drx (Jul 25 2006, 09:53 AM)
I hunted down a nice russian guy (shame he doesn't speak english). Check his awesome UMK3 hack. It features fighters from other games. While it wouldn't be playable on the real machine with some real chip juggling, it's still worth a shot on the emulator.

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A small fix :P drx (Jul 06 2006, 06:23 PM)
I fixed the hacks and demos sections. Thanks for all who reported the bugs.

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