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*Submitted by Guifrog on May 19 2005.*
*Corrected by Sonic Hachelle-Bee.*

HUD texts format:

This part will make you able to edit things like the actions of the SCORE and the TIME & RINGS mappings, when you have little time or no rings in a level, where they will be located when flashing, etc.

The format for the texts is the following:

YY NN RR GG ?? ?? ?? XX

YY: The Y (or vertical) position on the screen.
NN: How many sprites on the current object won't flash.
RR: Red flash.
GG: Graphics read position. Usually "00", to read the mappings from the beginning.
XX: The X (horizontal) position on the screen.
??: Unknown.

For the red flash, you can input several values, 8x8 in hex. Examples: if the mappings you are editing are for the TIME red flash (second frame of TIME, appears when you have little time in the level), you can input a "08" for mirroring the text while flashing, "10" for flipping, "18" for flip/mirroring, "20" to disable the flash. You can also input other values that will cause many interesting effects, like doing all of these with flash disabled ("28", "30", "38", "40") and so on.

If you want the TIME & RINGS to disappear instead of flashing when Sonic or Tails have no rings or little time, you can randomicly input values for all the bytes that compose this format for HUD editing, in the TIME & RINGS second frames ("flashing" frames, no rings/little time) offsets, of course.

HUD texts addresses:

Now, here is the addresses where you will be able to edit all these texts properly:

One player game:

ConditionSCORExxxxxx0TIMEx:xxRINGSxxxxPlayer picturePlayer name and lives
No rings$40AF6$40AFE$40B06$40B0E$40B16$40B1E$40B26$40B2E$40B36$40B3E
Out of time$40B48$40B50$40B58$40B60$40B68$40B70$40B78$40B80$40B88$40B90
No rings and out of time$40B9A$40BA2$40BAA$40BB2$40BBA$40BC2$40BCA$40BD2$40BDA$40BE2

Two players game:

No rings$40C12$40C1A$40C22
Out of time$40C2C$40C34$40C3C
No rings and out of time$40C46$40C4E$40C56

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