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Control code

Models >= 2 of Mega Drive / Genesis have a requirement of putting
'SEGA' to ($A14000).l . Here's the code that will fix it (put it in the
init section)
		move.b	($A10001).l,d0		;version

andi.b #$F,d0
beq SkipSecurity ;skip if smd model = 1
move.l #'SEGA',($A14000).l



Checksum is a word in ROM
header that is calculated while compiling (in SEGA). While hacking, you
probably encountered problems like red screen or 'WRONG CHECKSUM'. If
you're asm hacking a rom, you have to find the checking routine and
delete it. The routine is:
		movea.l	#$200,a0

movea.l #$7FFFF,a1 ; ROM End
move.l (a1),d0
moveq #0,d1

add.w (a0)+,d1
cmp.l a0,d0
bcc.s loop
movea.l #$18E,a1 ; Checksum
cmp.w (a1),d1
bne.w WrongChecksum
So to fix it, delete the 'bne WrongChecksum'. Depends on the rom,
but usually the routine is exactly like that, because that's what's in
the Mega Drive tech docs (by SEGA =P). But if you're hacking in a hex
editor, you have to either calculate the checksum yourself or get a
calculator. To calculate the checksum you do the following:

1. Start at $200

2. Add a word to the checksum (ignore the upper bits)

3. Increment the offset

4. If offset < rom end, go to 2

5. Here's your checksum =)

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