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Sprites and objects sound effects:

*By Weird Person on May 29 2005.*
*Corrected by Sonic Hachelle-Bee.*

Sound effects changes:

Here, I will explain how to change the sound effect of a sprite and/or an object. You only have to change a byte value in the ROM file, located into the sprite code in which you want to change the sound effect. Notice that changing this sound effect will affect every sprite: if you change the "ring" sound for a ring, all rings will have the new sound.

This byte to change is quite easy to understand. As every music and sound, the best way is to go in the Sound test and take note the ID number of the sound you want. Then, you only have to report this number into the ROM file at the right specified address:

Object descriptionSound address
MiscellaneousShield monitor$12A37
Ring monitor$129CD
Invincibility monitor$12A81
Up spring$18A69
Right spring$18BBF
Chemical Plant zoneSpeed booster$223DB
Blue worm (3x)$224EA
Aquatic Ruin zoneArrow launcher$257B7
Casino Night zoneStar bumper$1F7F5
Slot machine$2BE1F
100 points cage$2BE6B
Blue bumper$2C577
Green flipper$2B30B
Orange flipper$2B3BF
Up impulse spring$2AE4F
Hill Top zoneDiagonal lift$21E75
Wing Fortress zonePropellor (infinity)$3B3A3
Boss laser beam$3CC0F

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