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Hi2u drx (Sep 29 2005, 05:49 PM)

A story.

There are two people - the collector and the messenger.

Back in 2000 or 2001, I met a guy (the messenger) who was selling some stuff that had a nifty name and had '32x' in it, so I bought it (It was the 32x dev kit soft, I didn't know what it was for then). I exchanged numbers with the guy. I got my mobile stolen (with his number) later. I forgot about him.

Back to 2005.

I get a mysterious call from an unknown guy (I don't usually get mobile calls, as I keep my number secret =) ). I called back. It was the messenger.

He said he remembered our talk about Sonic and that I was very passionate about Sonic games. He also said, that he met a guy (the collector), who owns a lot of prototypes. The messenger will help me contact the collector.

Details about the collector: he's quite rich from what I've been told. So he probably doesn't want money. Maybe trade? I have no idea. He doesn't own a lot of Megadrive prototypes, but he got something Sonic-ish from some russian faggots. I asked about the details of the game, but the messenger said he wouldn't know.

Summary: it's most probably some russian bootleg or something. But it's worth a try. If this collector guy is really a collector, he wouldn't be stupid enough to not differentiate from a pirate and a prototype.

So when I'm out of debt, I'm going to go Warsaw (300 km from my current 'place') and
visit this guy. Wish me luck.

PS. I'm homeless, so the support is currently frozen. For everything related to Hacking CulT, contact our ninja Gunner.

Aurochs (Sep 29 2005, 09:56 PM)
You have teh betaa. omg.

Panek (Oct 02 2005, 08:59 AM)
Good luck - I live in Warsaw if you mean Poland.


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