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News / A small fix :P

A small fix :P drx (Jul 06 2006, 06:23 PM)
I fixed the hacks and demos sections. Thanks for all who reported the bugs.

you're a beyoooootch (Jul 07 2006, 01:33 AM)
Holy Shit! Great Job!

you're a beyoooootch (Jul 07 2006, 06:57 PM)
I have a question. When I go to the Sonic 2 page, "Project Chaos" says there is only one playable zone. When I played it, it had more than one zone....even though it was impossible for me to get into Emerald Hill......

StephenUK (Jul 08 2006, 09:05 AM)
Only one zone was changed from S2, and that was the Green Hill remake at the start. It won't be long until I release another version with a load more updates and technical features that that version had.

you're a beyoooootch (Jul 08 2006, 11:52 PM)
Here's another problem: When I start the game, the zone intro pops up saying "Emerald Hill Zone" and just sits there. So I have to restart it. What's wrong?

sonic boom (Jul 09 2006, 06:12 AM)
Yay! <br>

StephenUK (Jul 12 2006, 07:29 PM)
No idea, coz I just tried it and it's fine.

SANiK (Jul 14 2006, 12:16 AM)

Meh (Jul 14 2006, 10:10 PM)
Hey drx i'm just glad you made the Sonic 1 Beta Hoax.

Mr.Chaotix (Jul 16 2006, 11:07 PM)
I found an issue. In the Knuckles Chaotix section under the Research area of the site. That Chaotix art format info; I clicked something and it brought up an image of Mighty; every link I click in that area brings up an image of Mighty. What is up with this?

Meh (Jul 18 2006, 12:08 AM)
He's right that's freaky. Report this bug, Mr.Chaotix!

[Patrick] (Jul 18 2006, 08:31 PM)
Your Segacon link ( is down; could you bring it back up? <br> <br>I'm looking forward to interfacing my Genesis controller to my PC and doing some sweet stuff with it. :)

Meh (Jul 19 2006, 11:40 AM)
I'd like to report a bug on Sonic 2 Long Version. If you spindash on the ramps in Genocide City or Wood Zone at high speed you will either fall through it and die or get stuck in the wall.

JJFTails (Jul 19 2006, 02:02 PM)
Heh, yeah I know I have to upload the pages again and stuff for segacon. But for right now, you can go to

Meh (Jul 19 2006, 05:38 PM)
Also, on Sonic 1 Alpha, in Labyrinth Zone and Clockwork Zone my emulator locks up at a certain area. Is this supposed to happen?

drx (Jul 23 2006, 11:38 AM)
i dont fix bugs in someone's hacks, you know. i dont even fix them in my hacks :P

Mr.Chaotix (Jul 23 2006, 02:37 PM)
I assume that means yes it's supposed to lock up at Clockwork and Labrinth.

Meh (Jul 23 2006, 02:50 PM)
Damn...oh well XP sorry i'm a n00b at this stuff.

Mr.Chaotix (Jul 23 2006, 11:09 PM)
I guess the locking up is supposed to make it act like a real alpha version.

Meh (Jul 24 2006, 03:45 PM)
Would've been great if he put in a stage select. Or added a black sky to GHZ XP

Mr.Chaotix (Jul 24 2006, 07:18 PM)
At least he made Clockwork Act 1 indoors like those old shots in the magazines.

Meh (Jul 24 2006, 09:13 PM)
Some day I plan to make the <i> perfect </i> Sonic 1 Prototype hack. <br> <br>1. Old LBZ Background <br>2. Old level design in SLZ <br>3. Old level order <br>4. Dark sky in GHZ <br>5. Rolling ball in GHZ (!) <br>6. Ring >.< <br>7. Planets in MZ <br>8. Old level names <br>9. All black title screen <br>10. Lost icons in SS <br>11. Falling tiles in MZ with inverted ground and bubbly lava <br>12. Old SPZ background with "Good Luck" and other signs <br>13. Purple flowers in GHZ <br>14. Same pallette underwater <br>15. CWZ with old background <br>16. Black background in SLZ <br>17. Different mountains, city view, and "WELCOME" in GHZ <br>18. "Leaping" animation at end of each act <br>19. Robotnik, S, and Goggle moniters <br>20. Some objects not in their proper spot <br>21. Fall too far from getting hit <br>22. "Moon" with old GHZ background <br>23. Different debug mode <br>24. "Falling" animation into SS <br>25. Sideways spikes with no torch in MZ <br>26. Other lost areas now put in <br>27. Sonic is darker blue <br>28. Pink spiked badnik in MZ <br>29. Diagonal conveyor belts <br>30. "Standing" animation when grabbing a bubble <br>31. Underground section of GHZ <br>32. Lost totem pole faces <br>33. Splats the bunny <br>34. Robotnik blows up in one of the endings <br>35. "Warp" item is used <br>36. "Skidding" animation <br>37. "Press Start Button" <br>38. Other lights in SLZ <br>39. "Machinery" props in SLZ <br>40. Lost spindash animations in warp tunnel <br>41. Shallow water in LBZ and crystal on the ceiling <br>42. Top springs in SLZ <br> <br>And that's about it! I don't plan to make this anytime soon, though. I also want to make it look like it's complete unlike the Sonic 2 Beta. <br> <br> <br>

Mr.Chaotix (Jul 25 2006, 12:42 AM)
That's brilliant! But I doubt it'd be possible until when the Sonic hacking scene gets farther along in it's studies.

Meh (Jul 25 2006, 01:30 PM)
Actually, according to "Sonic-Cult" and "Secrets of Sonic Team", all that stuff <i> is </i> the prototype! Oh and I forgot to mention one thing. <br> <br>To do all that, I will take data from every single "Sonic 1 Prototype hack" around the world. I will also be including "breaking" the now BROWN rock as well as add bushes to the scenery. Damn this'll take longer than I thought!

Mr.Chaotix (Jul 25 2006, 09:43 PM)
A pretty long time if you ask me.. And I don't think there were brown rocks or bushes in the proto.

Meh (Jul 25 2006, 10:31 PM)
Yes there were:

Mr.Chaotix (Jul 26 2006, 03:45 PM)
I guess my monitor colors are messed up then. It looked purple like in the final.

Jill (Sep 27 2006, 02:12 AM)
Thank you! <br> |

Britney (Sep 27 2006, 02:21 AM)
Nice site! <br> |

Sabrina (Sep 27 2006, 02:36 AM)
Nice site! <br> |

Alan (Sep 27 2006, 02:38 AM)
Thank you! <br> |

Ida (Sep 27 2006, 03:22 AM)
Nice site! <br> |


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