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Guess who's back... drx (Jan 22 2006, 09:31 AM)
...back again.

With fun things.

While in France, I was bored as hell. So one time, I was looking on my laptop's HDD and found Sonic Spinball. I disassembled it etc - and to my horror and amazement - it was either programmed in C, or it was very neatly programmed, to imitate the C-style functions. You know what I mean - using stack instead of registers. That frees a lot of register space :) After 15 minutes, I found some nice compression format, which I just HAD to crack =P So I did. And wrote a decompressor. Which was working for the first time, just after writing all the code!

Anyway, if you skip stupid, lenghty stories like that - here it is:

drx' Sonic Spinball Compression Decompressor 1.0 (also in the utilities section).

So yeah, another compression format cracked. I might program a compressor, if ther will be need for that. Also, I may release the pseudo-code and things like that I made when I was cracking it. The program loads the Sonic Spinball offsets when you load the SS ROM as the source. Duh.

Also, it narrows the number of decompressors I have to make to 3 - two S3D compression formats, and this:


On a side note, I'm proud to host the revamped Bart Trzynadlowski's Home Page, a very valuable site with many Genesis and Saturn infos. You should be ashamed you don't know it already!

Btw - Gunner added the Sonic 1 Beta Hoax with leaping that was requested =)

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Afk drx (Jan 12 2006, 12:09 PM)
I'm going to France for a week. Should you have any concerns, bug Gunner. I have some presents for you when I'll come back.

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Happy 2006! drx (Jan 01 2006, 10:28 AM)
Happy new year =)

I hope the 2006 will be even better than 2005 for our community.

Just a small update - added the legendary Sega2f document, the official information about Sega Megadrive and the 32x SDK - official dev kit for 32x programmers. Both can be found in 68k section.

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#hacking ! Overlord (Dec 30 2005, 05:09 PM)
We now have our very own IRC channel on the Sonic CulT irc server! Come on in and join us at , channel #hacking, or click the below link:


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Bigass update drx (Dec 22 2005, 11:37 AM)
Well, maybe not so bigass, but anyway.

1) Fixes - fixed screenshots, fixed 68k asm commented source codes - they're now shown as plain text

2) Tails in S1 v1.1 - released. fixed flying, added swimming and tired animations. left the graphic things.

Get it at the hacks section
Forums topic

3) Added two commented source codes:
Wav Player v1.0 - plays wav files
FM Song Player - I especially recommend reading this one carefully. Covers writing to FM registers and a test song, using a custom song format, etc etc. (btw, I chose this song, because it was the easiest =P)

4) We moved on a new server. And lost all the ftp accounts (only the passwords, not the files! =P). I think it'll be best to PM them to me on forums, in case of losing them again =D

Have fun.

PS. Stephen guessed right =D

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Guess the game :D drx (Dec 20 2005, 01:29 AM)
Small contest.

drx found a new compression and is gonna crack it soon and release a decompressor + compressor.

Which game uses this compression and which compression is it?

Hint: This game's name begins on S and is rarely hacked :P

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SCHG updated by drx Sonic Hachelle-Bee (Dec 16 2005, 08:27 PM)
Thanks drx for the update.

This "New SCHG" isn't quarter finished yet (it still very poor compared to what this was before in HTML). At least, you can see some nice updates.

Me and Stephen spend a lot of time updating the guide. Now, some sections are corrected and even more readable. I personnally made huge tables to make things easier to read and understand, and the information was rewritten entirely from scratch.

Expect new updates coming soon, once we have more time.

And thanks for all drx. :)

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Couldn't wait any longer drx (Dec 11 2005, 06:33 PM)
So here you go. The awesome Sonic 2 guide by StephenUK and SHB.

On a small note, I uploaded the S2 Rev00 disassembly as well as the differences between Rev00 and Rev01.

Btw, there will be a v1.1 of Tails in Sonic 1. With fixed flying, tails and more!

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Tails ported... again :) drx (Dec 07 2005, 09:10 AM)
After porting Tails to Sonic 1 + Sonic & Knuckles (Sonic Special Stages - see hacks section), I made something bigger - ported Tails to Sonic 1.

Downloadable in our hacks section.

For more info, go to the forums topic.

Have fun.

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Well, fuck drx (Nov 18 2005, 04:53 PM)

And I'll be back soon.

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