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68k Machine Code reference drx (Jul 21 2005, 11:48 AM)
Check out our new hosted site - Ambil's hax0ring page, which contains an awesome 68k machine code reference, which will be a comprehensive guide once it's completed! =)

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More Chaotix goodness drx (Jul 21 2005, 02:44 AM)
Format explained in the Chaotix Section.

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Chaotix chars - format cracked drx (Jul 21 2005, 12:49 AM)
I'm going to release the format used for Knuckles Chaotix character art in few hours. But before that, look at this script. It builds PNG files in real time from a real Knuckles Chaotix ROM, depending on what offset or palette you specify. Here's how you use it:

XXX - Offset index. The 32x VDP patterns in Chaotix are stored in an offset array. Putting 0-7 will show character art. Putting further values will probably show something different =P

YYY - Pattern index. The patterns are divided into sections called frames =P This index is the frame number

ZZZ - Palette offset (hex)

You can skip those values. The script will assume Mighty's values.

The famous Wechnia
Wechnia with Knuckles' palettes
Charmy the Bee
Espio looks awesome in Heavy's palette

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Reloaded drx (Jul 20 2005, 10:21 AM)
Come get sssooooome.

I've totally redesigned the site, ported it to SQL and bunch of other stuff, it's up to you if you find it all.

As I said on the previous news system, we're changing our site profile. We're soon extending to other games, as Sonic games are researched to death.

Why did I do all this? Now I reveal my secr3t pl4n.

I've made a user system, with all leet wikipedia-style content management system etc. So anybody can add stuff to the site without my help. So if you want to get hosted, post on the forums, and you surely will.

Adding stuff to the website now is easier than ever, so think about it. You get pro hosting and shit like that. My goal is to concentrate all Sonic-related projects here.

One more thing. Teh moneh. I need money. I found a source of money... but I'm not sure I want to get it from this source. It may be not worth it. But if everything else fails, I might give it a go.

We kick your ass and you know it.

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